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Nicholas Wake

Warwick Business School, United Kingdom
Dr. Wake has done his PhD at Warwick Business School, the thesis was titled ‘The use of the Balanced Scorecard in Knowledge-based work’, ESRC CASE research examining how organisations which employ both knowledge workers and traditional ‘shop-floor’ employees use the Balanced Scorecard. The research examines the extent to which the Balanced Scorecard is an effective control tool in these environments. From September 2007 to present he is a Senior Teaching Fellow at Warwick Business School, his re responsibilities span undergraduate, masters and MBA programmes. At all levels he is am engaged in teaching, curriculum development, examination and the supervision of student projects. He also works as Assistant Dean for the specialist masters programme. In the study year 2011/12Dr. Wake was the Winner of commendation: "Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence" and an "Outstanding MBA teacher award". In his professional life he got many scholarships, among also a scholarship from the "Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning" to develop a smart-phone application.

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