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BCR winner of IEDC CSC
BCR is the winner of IEDC Case Study Competition in Romania
Romanian companies Autonom, BCR, BRD Societe Generale, Orange and PepsiCo competed in the IEDC Case Study Competition

Bled/Bucharest, May 16, 2019: Teams representing some of the leading Romanian companies participated in a two-day IEDC Case Study Competition (CSC), organized by IEDC Alumni Club Romania. All teams (Autonom, BCR, BRD Societe Generale, Orange and PepsiCo) presented their final solutions of the business case. The jury members, represented by Prof. Filipović and IEDC MBA Alumni, decided that the team from BCR prepared the best solution and won the competition.  

 Alexandra Iacob from BCR, the winning team said: “For us it was a great experience. We worked together as a team and managed to combine the knowledge from the different areas in the bank. We found a good balance in interaction and communication and focused on the topic. As a team we managed to bring the best from each of us.”

The winning team was awarded with a prize of “one-day participation at IEDC seminar” and will try its strengths against the winning teams from Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia at the Global IEDC Case Study Competition in October at IEDC.

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