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Dean Danica Purg speaks at the Feelsgood conference in Zagreb
Dean Danica Purg speaks at the Feelsgood conference in Zagreb

Zagreb, October 3, 2019: Dean Danica Purg was invited as a panel speaker at the Investing with Impact conference held in the Zagreb Academy of Music and organized by Feelsgood Capital partners. The main goal of the conference was to present the region's first 30 million euro ($33 million) venture capital fund – the Feelsgood Social Impact Investment Fund, that has started operations with the European Investment Fund (EIF) as one of the key investors.

In the panel with Prof. Mislav Ante Omazić, Dr. Paul Stubbs and Mr. Rok Ramšak, Danica Purg spoke about measuring social impact. In her closing remarks she stated: “I would not call social impact investment a new trend – according to some estimates, in 2020 the net value of investments will already reach 1 trillion USD. But it is still in development, and we have to admit that in the field of measuring social impact, allot is still to be done. But for our country and the region, I do not see this as an obstacle, but as a challenge and a great opportunity to design the best tools, set the best standards and to lead the development in the global context as well.”

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