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IEDC honours 2018 Generali Alumni Achievement Awards
The Winners of the 2018 Generali Alumni Achievement Award are Nontwenhle Mchunu, YMP 2010, South Africa, Mark Pleško, EMBA 1996, Slovenia, Enzo Smrekar, EMBA 2008, Slovenia, Florentina Taudor, EMBA 2005 /06, Renania; CEO; Romania, Maida Zahirović Salom, EMBA 2017, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bled (Slovenia): Five IEDC Alumni were conferred the 2018 Generali Alumni Achievement Award.

Nontwenhle Mchunu, YMP 2010, Mkabayi Group, CEO, South Africa

Since 2015, Nonthwenhle has been serving as the CEO of the Mkabayi Group, a Johannesburg-based company. Before that, she ran for 12 years, as its Founder and CEO, the very successful Ezulwini Chocolate Company.

Mark Pleško, EMBA 1996, Cosylab, President & Managing Director, Slovenia

Mark is a founder, strategist and driving force of the startup Cosylab that has become the world leader in large physics control systems.

Enzo Smrekar, MBA 2008, Droga Kolinska, President of the Board & CEO Strategic Business Unit at Atlantic Grupa, Slovenia

Enzo is a business-oriented expert. He’s a marketing expert who wants to use his knowledge and experience to the best effect in local and international environments. He has entrepreneurial experience with management consultancy, marketing and HRM. 

Florentina Taudor, EMBA 2005-06, Renania, CEO, Romania

Florentina is the CEO of Renania, the leader of the health and safety equipment trading in Romania.   She has over 10 years of experience in executive positions across multiple financial companies with international exposure.

Maida Zahirović Salom, EMBA 2017, Member of the Management Board, Raiffeisen Bank BiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Maida is a Member of the Management Board at Raiffeisen Bank, Bosnia and Herzegovina with 17 years of professional experience in banking sector. Maida is an extraordinary professional at the one of the highest positions in the corporate world and she is one of the few women in top management in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Congratulations to the winners!

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