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IEDC celebrates an International Women's Day with a special event Tribute to love
IEDC welcomed remarkable women to share their successes and challenges

March 7 2017: On the eve of the International Women's Day IEDC gave a special attention to remarkable women from different fields and different parts of the world, who with their achievements and successes made a difference in their own communities, business and social circles.

The event started with a roundtable discussion "Celebrate Women's Leadership" led by Lynn Isabella, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Darden Graduate School of Business, USA. The roundtable speakers included Madelein Mkunu, President, Leading Women of Africa Association, South Africa, Živa Ploj Peršuh, Conductor, Slovenia, Mojca Lah, entrepreneur, former president of SILA-IWCL and active member of FAM, Slovenia and Melanie Seier Larsen, Partner and Managing Director, the Boston Consulting Group, Slovenia.

"It is important to talk about the gender equality. Many women think that they cannot succeed in their careers and that their place is at home. Maybe they hear it from colleagues, or it is only a voice in their minds. They have to ignore this. Everyone must take responsibility for him or herself. I am not a crazy feminist, but I want to encourage women to talk about it," said Melanie Seier Larsen, who is also the first female Partner from CEE to occupy such a top management position within her company.

The evening concluded with the gala opening of the exhibition of women's figures by a Slovenian artist Rudi Skočir, entitled "Tribute to Love".

Art plays a very important role at IEDC. “IEDC is a global forerunner in integrating arts into management and leadership.  We teach here managers and leaders how, in this complex world, art can offer us a richer, more sophisticated and sensitive way of approaching management and leadership issues.“ mentioned dr. Danica Purg in her closing speech.

A special part of the event was also a charming music performance by Lohi Omo-Ezomo, a Nigerian jazz singer and IEDC MBA student.

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