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IEDC supports the Logistics congress 2018
IEDC – Bled School of Management is a supporter of the 2018 Logistics congress which is taking place in April on the topic of Supply chain management in science and practice 2018

Bled/Portorož (Slovenia), February 22 2018: The 6th International Logistics congress will address the issues of Human resource management and implementation of advanced technology in logistics.

Mr. Igor Žula, President of Slovenian Logistics Association has in his invitation to the congress outlined the following topics: “Slovenia has recently been characterized by solid economic growth and has been facing modernization in production and logistics. Robots, multifunctional machines, CNC machines and other advanced technology have become increasingly common in production; the internal logistics on the other hand remains unexploited opportunity in terms of increasing productivity and flow times reduction. How to embark on a project of internal logistics organization? What more can we do to improve our productivity? How are the new technologies used in practice? Significant steps have also been taken in the field of Entry/Exit logistics. Modern technologies in logistics, we could recently only speak of, are already operating and have impacted strongly our working lives. Drones, an »omni channels«, 3D prints and other advanced technologies have changed our lives as it was predicted only few years ago. As we speak the greatest potential holds the »Blockchain technology«. How do modern technologies affect business practices and processes in logistics? Where do their key advantages lie? How to implement them? The technology is of great importance and is currently easy accessible. The greatest challenge we are facing at this state is properly trained human resources. How to manage human resources in logistics? What are the companies’ needs in terms of recruiting new staff? Do faculties respond to those needs and, if so, how?”

IEDC will contribute to the congress with the lecture on “The importance of human resources and knowing the challenges” which will be led by Prof. Nenad Filipović, Professor of General Management at IEDC-Bled School of Management.

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