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Prof. Danica Purg speaks at the conference organized in honour of Jean-Pierre Lehmann
Prof. Danica Purg was invited as a speaker to the conference “Towards a More Responsible Globalisation” organized in honour of Jean-Pierre Lehmann.

The memorial event was organized by Fabrice Lehmann, son of Jean-Pierre Lehmann.

The event took place at IMD Lausanne and was attended by 150 guests from all over the world: academics, business and NGO leaders and alumni who are grateful for all the knowledge and wisdom they’ve received from Jean-Pierre Lehmann.

Keynote speech was given by Paul Polman, who recently stepped down after ten years as CEO of Unilever. Since then, he launched the Imagine initiative to foster the SDGs-sustainable development goals.

Prof. Purg contributed at two panels at the conference on “Towards a more responsible globalisation. What role for business?” and “On intellectual leadership. What legacy for the next generation?”. She talked about education for responsible globalisation. She was joined by fantastic speakers: Rajesh Aggarwal, Valérie Engemmare, Natasha Hanshaw, Dr. Marc Laperrouza, Prof. Maury Peiperl.

Prof. Lehmann and Prof. Helmut Schütte came to IEDC from INSEAD in 1986 as our first foreign visiting professors.

At IEDC we dedicated a painting by Marij Vrenko, a well-known Slovenian painter to a dear professor and friend Jean-Pierre. A painting is called “The teacher” and has a great symbolic meaning.

Danica Purg was also kindly received by Jean-Francois Manzoni, President of IMD and Paul Hunter, Director of digital learning at IMD. IMD is a great example to our school and we are grateful for all the shared knowledge and wisdom!

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