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Regional Alumni gathering took place in Belgrade
Regional IEDC Alumni gathering took place in Belgrade past weekend, where alumni had a chance to meet old friends, make new friendships and learn from Prof. Jim Ellert

Belgrade (Serbia): IEDC Alumni from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Romania gathered for the Alumni refreshment course on Financial Market Developments and Implications for Personal Investment Strategies. The course was led by Prof. Jim Ellert, Professor and MBA Director at IEDC and former Associate Dean of Faculty at IMD, Lausanne. Prof. Ellert is an outstanding Professor of Finance who has been chosen by MBA students as Professor of the Year for more than 20 times in a row.

A night before the refreshment course Alumni met for the informal gathering at one of the beautiful restaurants at the waterfront of the Danube river. All the guests were welcomed by Prof. Danica Purg, Dean of IEDC and a host Mr. Igor Kordik, MBA Alumnus and President of IEDC Alumni Club Serbia.  

The event was one of the many Alumni networking events which are organized by 15 IEDC alumni clubs. As of this year IEDC Alumni network counts more than 5000 Alumni members that represent important business connections in Central and Eastern Europe and well beyond.

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