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Global CSC winners
Team from BCR from Romania won the Global Case Study Competition
Four teams competed and the IEDC Global Case study competition and team from BCR from Romania won

Bled (Slovenia): Living up to the mission of enhancing business reasoning, strengthening team work, bringing young business people to competently face real-world issues, IEDC-Bled School of Management in Slovenia has established a tradition of organizing international case study competitions. Each year a series of national case study competitions are organized jointly by IEDC and its Alumni clubs in countries across Central and Eastern Europe. The best team from each country is rewarded with a 1-day course and qualifies for the international competition held each year at IEDC, in Slovenia.

In October this year, teams from Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia gathered at IEDC-Bled School of Management and were given 24 hours to come up with solutions to a complex business case. After final presentations the members of the jury, Dr. Brane Kalpič, Denis Mancevič and Emanuela Kristan, announced the winner, the team from BCR Romania.

Apart from getting an invaluable personal experience, team BCR from Romania won a corporate package of off-the-shelf programs of the value of 20.000 EUR.

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