Leadership Challenges brought by Technologies - SLP M1

Explore what are the main issues for governance (especially boards but not only) in this world.

IEDC, Bled
30.03.2023 09:00 AM
€ 1.250 EUR without VAT
€ 1.125 EUR without VAT
February 28, 2023
Explore what are the main issues for governance (especially boards but not only) in this world.

About the seminar

Leadership Challenges brought by Technologies is part of a series of four seminars offered in the scope of the Senior Leadership Program. The seminar can be taken separately or as a part of the whole Leadership Program.

Major forces like future technologies, AI, neuroscience and biology have an immense impact on strategies, organizations and their operations. We need to be familiar with them and know how to use them to leverage changes in the business environment. This seminar gives you opportunities to explore and learn how leaders can use and exploit new technologies for better decision making and growth, and provides you with new insight into the technology landscape and beyond. You will also learn how to enhance the leadership and strategy of a business through future technologies. The seminar includes a various range of digital leadership and business models, situational simulations, individual feedback and case studies.


are the benefits of attending this program?

  • Learn how to use future technologies and Artificial intelligence to the best in your organization and your personal decision-making and leadership practice.
  • Examine how should other technological challenges - like future data Management, quantum computing, cybersecurity - be approached and how this changes the way to manage and to control.
  • See why and how are new stakeholders becoming so important (in particular thanks to communication technologies) that they lead to what is now progressively called “stakeholder capitalism”.
  • Learn why are distinctions/separation between board governance and executive teams going to blur within the next years since the notion of responsibility is changing drastically as well as the legal rules and many norms? Boards will have to dig deeper into the organization and the practices of management.
  • Explore, if there is a size difference or a difference in nature between leadership and governance of small or medium companies and large companies.


should attend?

  • Senior and Middle management with a technology and leadership focus
  • Members of management and supervisory boards
  • Executives and business leaders 
  • Consulting Professionals
  • Business owners 


  • The impact of future technologies, neuroscience and biology in particular on leadership practices, ethics and philosophy.
  • Impact of Artificial intelligence and advanced technologies on organizations and leadership.
  • The links between the stakeholder sociology and the technologies that explain the new importance of stakeholders.
  • The main issues for governance (especially boards but not only) in this world.  
  • Governance and required skills (a major leadership problem) and their implied responsibility in decisions.
  • Differences in size. Different nature of leadership and governance of small or medium and large companies. 

Moreover, the second day of the seminar will feature a roundtable with well-known Slovenian businessmen Mr. Boštjan Gorjup, Managing Director, BSH Home Appliances Group and Mr. Gregor Potočar, Global Chief Revenue Officer, Infobip, who will share their experience and opinions on new technologies opportunities and traps and pitfalls.



Start date: March 30, 2023 at 9:00 AM 

End date: March 31, 2023 at 5:00 PM

Program Fee

1.250 € + VAT
Early Bird: 1.125 €+ VAT for applications before February 28, 2023

Senior Leadership Program

The Senior Leadership Program is intended to provide managers with new insights into the successful leadership practices that create transformational shifts in organizational culture and performance.

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