Alumni Achievement Award

The Award recognizes outstanding career, leadership, innovation, social achievements of up to five remarkable individuals among IEDC alumni community. The AAA Award is given out at the yearly IEDC Forum.




Alumni Achievement Award 2023 Winners: Robert Ljoljo, Slovenia; Zoran Mitreski, Croatia; Mona Neagoe, Romania; Aleksandar Raić, Croatia; Lidija Žigić, Bosnia and Herzegovina



AAA 2020 winners

Alumni Achievement Award 2022 Winners: Antonio Argir, Macedonia, Aura Iordan, Romania, Iskra Reić, Croatia, Mersed Čamdžić, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Toni Balažič, Slovenia.



AAA 2020 winners

Alumni Achievement Award 2020 Winners



AAA Winners 2019

Mr. Aleš Rotar, Slovenia; Ms. Olohimai Ruth Omo-Ezomo, Nigeria; Ms. Nino Chedia, Georgia; Mr. Stefan-Alexandru Frangulea, Romania; Mr. Enver Šišić, Slovenia (not present)



AAA Winners 2018

Mr. Enzo Smrekar, Slovenia; Ms. Maida Zahirović Salom, BiH; Ms. Florentina Taudor, Romania; Mr. Mark Pleško, Slovenia; Ms. Nontwenhle Mchunu, South Africa (not present on photo



AAA Winner 2017

Mr. Zoltan Pilecki, Romania; Mr. Blaž Brodnjak, Slovenia; Mr. Danko Jevtović, Serbia; Mr. Tomislav Čorak, Croatia; Mr. Songezo Mabece, South Africa (not present on photo)



AAA winners 2016

Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto, Albania; Ms. Mateja Luštek, Slovenia; Mr. Cristian Laurentiu Gheorghe, Romania; Ms. Dijana Kobas Dešković, Croatia and Dr. Marko Majer, Slovenia.



IEDC AAA Winners 2015

Mioara Bolozan, Romania; Aleksey Minyaylo, Russia; Violeta Bulc, Slovenia; Aleksaner Ryzhov, Russia; Darko Mikec, Slovenia.



IEDC AAA Winners 2014

Srđan Mandić, BiH; Janko Medja, Slovenia; Jožica Rejec, Slovenia; Ciprian Scrieciu, Romania; Jošt Rupnik, Slovenia


IEDC AAA Winners 2013

Miroslav Klepač, Croatia; Aleksander Zalaznik, Slovenia; Dimitrije Knjeginjić, Serbia; Hakif Gashi, Kosovo; Iztok Seljak, Slovenia


IEDC AAA Winners 2012

Jovan Šarenac, Serbia Anwar Irmatov, Russia Ivana Gažić, Croatia Melanie Seier Larsen, Slovenia Ardian Hoxha, Kosovo


IEDC AAA Winners 2011

Krešimir Kvaternik, Croatia; Branko Žibret, Slovenia; Maja Ibrišimović, BiH; Darko Babić, Serbia


Nominations may be made by any member of the IEDC alumni network or by any associate of the nominee. Nominators are encouraged to identify candidates who are members of the IEDC Alumni network and are graduates of IEDC longer programs (PhD, Executive MBA, GMP, YMP & DEMP):

  • who made marks in their professional careers;
  • whose professional excellence, leadership, innovation, management skills and personal integrity have set them to high and influential positions;
  • who are making a positive impact on the community at large, by achievements in the fields of sustainable development, social responsibility and/or philanthropy;
  • or who made special contributions through various efforts to the development and recognition of the IEDC - Bled School of Management.


Selection prodecure

Recieved nominations are evaluated by the AAA Selection Committee composed of:

  • Dr. Arnold Walravens, IEDC - Bled School of Management, the Netherlands
  • A representative of the main sponsor

The Selection Committee selects up to 5 oustanding candidates that meet the nominations criteria. The winners are notified of the selection and will be asked to confirm the acceptance of the award and provide a personal statement. The awards are recieved at the annual Forum.


How to send in a nomination

  • Submbit a complete nomination brief (composed of a CV, a nomination letter and support letter(s))
  • A nomination letter (max 1 page) can be written by any member of the IEDC alumni network or by any associate of the nominee. This letter should summarize the accomplishments of the nominee, contribution to their profession, business, community and any innovations that have made a difference or other relevant achievements of the nominee.
  • Letters of support (optional). One or two support letters (max one page each) that highlight attributes why the nominee deserves to be recognized for this award.

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