Coca-Cola Chair of Sustainable Development

The Coca-Cola Chair of Sustainable Development at IEDC-Bled School of Management is an interdisciplinary initiative aimed at creating cutting-edge knowledge in the field of sustainability, promoting the concepts of sustainable development, sustainable value, and embedded sustainability, and providing support for the needs of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) while connecting the international sustainability community to the realities and innovations of the region.

Coca-Cola Company’s continuous support of IEDC-Bled School of Management reflects commitment to investing into future business leaders. The Coca-Cola Company donation supports creation of breakthrough global projects aimed at developing management professionals ready to address complex social and environmental pressures facing the world today.

Prof. Marina Schimtz is holder of Coca-Cola Chair. She has experience in ethics and sustainability function across the world (having worked in Africa, USA, UK and Europe), and has been actively engaged in professionalization efforts of the ethics and compliance, as well as in the promotion of sustainability reporting. She has consulted in various countries and published extensively on business ethics, CSR, and sustainability.

At the heart of the Chair efforts are three key objectives:

  • Applied research in the areas of sustainable development, sustainable value, and sustainable enterprise, with the focus on embedding social and environmental performance into the key business activities, including strategy, marketing, operations, logistics, and organizational development,
  • Development of innovative teaching methods, teaching materials as well as faculty in the field of sustainability and embedding the subject of sustainable value throughout the entire management curriculum, and
  • Sharing of insights and fostering change via presence at international symposia, publication of cases, books, and articles, and organization of unique projects and events aimed at engaging business in sustainability efforts and catalysing positive change.

Accreditations of the School