Alumni Refreshment Course - Challenging issues in Leadership

10.02.2017 09:00 AM
100 € + VAT
Alumni Refreshment course “Challenging issues in Leadership” with Prof. Drikus Kriek that will be organized on Friday, February 10 at IEDC – Bled School of Management. We shall start the course at 9:00 and finish at 17:00.

Leadership remains one of the buzzwords of modern organisational life and leaders’ focus to manage complex problems, create change efforts and accomplish organisational output remains one of the distinguishing factors ensuring organisational success. Theories about leadership and the development thereof abound with the emphasis on understanding how leadership can be leveraged to facilitate business success. In this context it is useful to understand:

  • Key advancements in leadership theory
  • Determinants of effective leadership
  • Reflecting on own leadership.

Leadership can be seen as ˝seeing, being and doing˝ and in this refreshment course looks at challenges leaders face in using these elements to improve their leadership.  The class allows for reflection on leaders' own practice including dealing with change, paradox and what to do when leadership goes bad.


Manca Debeljak
Manca Debeljak
Head of Alumni Relations