Case Study Competition in Slovenia

IEDC, Bled
22.06.2017 09:00 AM
1000€ + VAT
The IEDC Case Study Competition is a refreshing, stimulating and dynamic two-day contest organised by the respective Alumni Clubs with the support of the IEDC.


the competition

Case Study Competition is a refreshing, stimulating and dynamic two day contest, through which six-member cross functional teams coming from individual companies have the opportunity to learn from and compete against the competing teams from other participating companies, in an environment which is empowering teambuilding, harnessing competitiveness and helping individuals to find own solutions rather than to be told what to do.

For the success of a company, even more important than having great individuals is that they make great teams, always aware of the fact that the environment is harsh and that only together they may reach and stay on the top of the market.

The winning team of the national IEDC Case Study Competition gets the chance to compete with other national teams at the Global Case Study Competition held in Bled every autumn. The Global CSC winner's prize is a package of the off-the-shelf IEDC programs for the amount of 20,000 EUR.


to participate?

Any company can send a cross-functional team of 6 members for the upcoming national Case Study Competition. In order to apply, please contact a respective alumni club or the IEDC Alumni Office. The participation fee for the company is 1,000 EUR (*may vary slightly from country to country). Travel and a hotel stay for participants is not included.



Manca Debeljak
Manca Debeljak
Head of Alumni Relations