Digitalization challenges: A wider view

20.10.2017 09:00 AM
100 € + VAT
Alumni refreshment course, entitled »Digitalization challenges: A wider view« with Prof. Nenad Filipović will be organized on Friday, October 20, 2017.

We shall discuss several important challenges, which are often neglected when talking about digitalization of our companies.

  • Why digital technology is not the most important topic when it comes to digitalization? How should the “digitalization map” look like from the perspective of different stakeholders?
  • What changes in the way managers think when we open the discussion about digital business models? How should such models influence the shareholder expectations?
  • What does digitalization mean in terms of our employment policies, labor relations and other HR issues, on corporate and on societal level?
  • Is there something different when we talk about digital leaders and in particular their relationship with millennials ?


Manca Debeljak
Manca Debeljak
Head of Alumni Relations