IEDC Faculty


David W. Frantz

Indiana University East, USA

David Frantz currently serves as the Dean of the School of Business and Economics and Associate Professor of Management at Indiana University East in Richmond, Indiana.  He received an M.A. and D. Mn. from the Divinity School at the University of Chicago.  He also holds an M. Div. from Bethany Theological Seminary.  His doctoral research focused on Religion and Psychological Studies. Post-doctoral work was completed in management, industrial relations and law. His B.A. was awarded by North Central College with majors in Sociology, Psychology, Theology and Social Studies.

Dr. Frantz is an active researcher with numerous publications focused on change management, and the development of businesses. His publications have appeared in publications such as the Journal of Case Studies, the Journal of Business Case Studies, and the Reader’s Guide to the Social Sciences. His current area of research interest is focused on the utilization of music and photography in relation to innovation and creativity in business.

Prior to his career in higher education, Dr. Frantz served as Director and Vice President of Human Resources in several major health care organizations. In 1994, he joined the faculty of Purdue University as an Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership within the School of Technology, prior to joining Indiana University East in 2004. He has served in various consulting roles regarding strategic planning, succession processes in family businesses, organizational development and change management for more than two decades.

David is a cellist and a pianist.  With Lee Krähenbühl, his musical partner, his latest musical CD entitled “Living Room,” was released in 2006.  David has played the same cello for almost 50 years.  The repaired crack from when he landed on it as he fell off the back of the bus in third grade can still be seen. He is also an avid squash player.