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Fredricka Joyner

Indiana University East, USA

Fredricka Joyner has been with Indiana University for over ten years and is currently an Associate Professor at the Indiana University East School of Business and Economics where she directs the IU East Center for Leadership Development and the Master's in Management program.  Dr. Joyner earned her MA in Organization Management from Antioch University and her PhD in Community Formation from the Union Institute.  Her doctoral dissertation studied the application of organizational improvement approaches to community systems.  She received her BA with a major in Fine Arts from New College, an honors college located in Sarasota, Florida.

Dr. Joyner is an active researcher with numerous publications focused on leadership, organization, and community development.  Her research on the development of social and emotional competence has been published in the American Journal of Engineering Education and the American Journal of Business Education.  Dr. Joyner has won a number of awards for her teaching and is active in the scholarship of teaching and learning.  Her work has appeared in publications such as the Journal of Case Studies, the Journal of Business Case Studies, and the Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology.

Dr. Joyner has over three decades of business experience, providing leadership, organization, and community development consulting services to a diverse client list that  includes manufacturing and service organizations, professional practices, health and education coalitions, non-profits, government departments, and social service agencies.  Over the past five years, Joyner has provided training and consulting services related to managing across the generations.  She has also designed and delivered a four-day leadership development curriculum to almost 2000 managers in a global Fortune 500 company.  Most recently, she has been providing intensive executive coaching to high potential managers who have been tasked with expanding into international markets.

Fredricka is a jewelry artist and a ceramicist.  In her jewelry practice, Max/Mix Jewelry: Harmony Through Diversity, she focuses on designs that bring diverse components together into a harmonious whole. 

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