IEDC Faculty


Luca Gatti

IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia; Strategy & Foresight Consulting firm X-sights, Italy

Luca designs and leads strategic renewal programs. He has developed an original Strategic framework that delivers resilience and innovation; he applies it engaging Boards and Executive teams across organisations, sectors, cultures and disciplines. He leverages high-level facilitation skills to induce reflection, create meaning, structure strategic arguments and support change. Luca's experience ranges from multidisciplinary research on the social hermeneutics of cultural representations (Harvard, College de France, Scuola Normale), to policy and international cooperation (UNESCO, Milan Province), to Strategy and Leadership (Generali, Suncorp, Selex). Most recently Luca has advised Financial Institutions on Strategic Risk and its implications to governance, designing systems and processes that enhance strategic decision making, foster resilience and enable strategic innovation.

Cool Leadership is his latest research interest.