IEDC Faculty


Miha Pogačnik

IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia; IDRIART, Germany and Slovenia

Miha Pogačnik is an exceptional virtuoso, in the corporate and political world, as well as the musical stage. Through music and art he demonstrates the principles of renewal and change, transforming thinking patterns and removing barriers which limit creativity and vision. He creates an inspirational platform for tackling team work and effective communications. 

Working across the broad area of human learning and development, with major corporations such as IBM, Procter and Gamble, Mitsubishi and Nike, Miha Pogačnik brings music to business to enhance understanding of change and renewal in the corporate world. 

1981 Miha founded IDRIART, the Institute of the Development of Intercultural Relations Through the Arts, based in Germany. The launching pad for Miha's engagements is grounded in the fact that creativity and inspiration are gaining cutting edge importance as an organisational capability and collaborative competence for people, as well as organisations, within a rapidly changing and volatile business climate. 

As cultural ambassador of Slovenia, Miha follows the dynamic principle that artists and their audiences purposefully travel throughout the world and gather in places that really need them. He has inspired over 100 multi-discipline festivals and conferences during 16 years, at times in crisis areas of the world: Tibet, South Africa, Dubrovnik and before the fall of the Berlin Wall. He has played in schoolyards, the Chartres Cathedral and concert halls, at the foot of the pyramids and before military tanks. 

Miha Pogačnik has been described as a "maker of magic". Through his consummate violin artistry and his deep appreciation of the human journey, Miha is able to take his audiences through change and transformation. From corporate executive teams to schoolteachers, Miha Pogačnik creates his unique spell to extract individuals' true awareness and capacity, implementing the powerful chemistry between creativity and business.

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