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Peter Hanke

Copenhagen Business School

Peter Hanke has made his career as a conductor, specialised in contemporary choral music and chamber opera with the ensembles Voces Copenhagen, Contemporary Opera Denmark and the Danish Radio Choir among others. He received his education at the Danish Royal Academy of Music and the University of Copenhagen. As a choral conductor, Peter Hanke has specialised in advanced contemporary music for acapella ensembles and as interpreter of oratorio masterpieces.

Following several years as a Producer in The Danish Broadcasting Corporation and Executive Director in the theatre company Hotel Pro Forma and at the Art Museum Arken, Peter Hanke established Exart Performances in 2001.

Exart Performances stimulates creative gathering of the different lines of profession. The mission of the company is to communicate the experience, knowledge and techniques of performing arts. From this platform Peter Hanke was appointed as Artistic Director for the Centre for Art & Leadership at Copenhagen Business School in 2003. This research centre focus on the aesthetic forces of the Arts to develop the idea of inspirational, modern leadership.

This activity is developing in more countries like Holland, UK, Germany and Scandinavia and Slovenia, where Peter Hanke is working with leading ensembles in the knowledge-based music making concepts.

Important positions:

  • Member of the European Cultural Parliament
  • Artistic Director for Bramstrup Performing Arts
  • Artistic Director for Contemporary Opera Denmark
  • Conductor of Voces Copenhagen
  • Founder of Exart Performances
  • Artistic Director for Centre for Art & Leadership

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