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Nicholas Zhang


Mr. Nicholas Zhang is Chief Architect Research Scientist and Director of Future Network Theory Lab of Huawei. He has over 15 years  of research experience of system architecture of networks and distributed communication systems. He has contributed to more than 90 patents filed globally.

Mr. Zhang worked as a system engineer for L3+ switch products, as well as a product development team leader of smart devices, pioneering a new consumer business for company in 2002. Once taking a position of a Senior Researcher, he has lead a research on future of internet and cooperative communications and implemented a mobility research program from 2005 onwards. In 2009, while holding a position of a Principal Researcher, Mr. Zhang took charge of areas of an advance network technology research and was leading multiple research projects on the future of networks, distributed computing, database systems and data analysis.

In 2012, in his role of a Principal Researcher, he took over leadership of a system group in data mining and machine learning. Mr. Zhang served as a system architect for the next generation of smartphones based on Big Data. In 2014 while still holding a position of a Principal Researcher he became a Director of a Future Network Theory Lab. 

Mr. Zhang actively participates in a number of associations such as Sigcomm, ICNP, INFOCOM, ICDCS and ICCCN. In recent years, his main research interest lies in the areas of network architecture and large-scale distributed systems. 


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