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Danica Purg receives Robert L. Dilworth Award for Outstanding Achievement in the field of Executive Learning
Danica Purg recognized by The Global Forum and awarded with a Robert L. Dilworth Award for Outstanding Achievement in the field of Executive Learning

As listed in the Nomination for the Robert L. Dilworth Award, these are five main reasons why Prof. Danica Purg was bestowed the award: (1) The pioneering work she has done founding management education in Slovenia (2) The important contribution she has made by founding and extending the Central and Eastern European Management Development Association (CEEMAN) of deans and directors throughout Central and Eastern Europe (3) Recognition of her never ending desire and ability to support others, with the result that she is a role model par excellence for deans, faculty members, and managers throughout the region and beyond (4) Her innovations in how management education is conceptualized, designed, and delivered (5) Her contribution to having the world recognize the powerful role that management education plays in the functioning of civil society.

Robert L. Dilworth Award is a second global award, next to a prestigious Dean of the Year Award by the Academy of International Business (AIB), which Prof. Danica Purg has received for innovations in business education. IEDC - Bled School of Management became under her leadership a global forerunner in transformational education, action learning and experiential learning, especially for integrating ethics, sustainable development and arts into leadership development.

“I am very honored to receive the award, as it is given by The Global Forum, which strives for the transformation of the companies and transformational education based on values. We, at IEDC-Bled School of Management, were practicing this approach since its beginning, for more than 30 years”, shared Prof. Danica Purg.




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