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IEDC HR Forum was this year themed "Well-being at work"
The IEDC HR Forum, themed "Well-being at Work," brought together more than 60 HR experts from 40 institutions and 7 countries to explore how to foster well-being in the workplace.

Bled, Slovenia, January 26, 2024: The IEDC HR Forum, themed "Well-being at Work," brought together more than 60 HR experts from 40 institutions and 7 countries to explore how to foster well-being in the workplace.

The forum was opened by Prof. Danica Purg, President and Prof. Drikus Kriek, Dean of IEDC–Bled School of Management. In her speech Prof. Purg stated "At IEDC we closely follow the latest innovative HR practices, striving to bring together the best practitioners, researchers and HR managers and leaders. It is our tradition to dedicate our International Annual HR Forums to critical challenges faced by HR managers, offering topics that are relevant across borders and sectors. We believe that this year's theme, "Well-being at Work" is fundamental for creating thriving workplaces where employees flourish and organizations excel and it is thus relevant not only for HR managers but for every single leader, manager and employee.”

Prof. Kriek added a philosophical dimension and used the well-known metaphor of juggling balls representing friends, family, health, spirit and work. As the story goes four of these balls are made of glass and when any of them falls, it breaks and scatters. It is only work that is made of rubber and that can bounce back. Prof. Kriek wondered if this should not be reimagined and to include work as a glass or crystal ball as the impact it has on our lives is equally precious to our well-being.

The program featured the keynote lecture, delivered by Dr. François Hugo, an International Executive Coach and Management and Organizational Consultant from South Africa. In his speech, he emphasized the holistic nature of well-being: "In our pursuit of a healthy organization, we must realize that well-being extends beyond physical health; it encompasses mental, emotional, and social aspects as well." He pointed out the importance of awareness of HR in creating healthy work environments which are filled with traps and threats and traps and the critical importance of understanding the role of HR in building well-being contexts.

Carin-Isabel Knoop of Harvard Business School, addressing contemporary leadership challenges, asserted, "The essence of compassionate management lies in understanding the multifaceted needs of employees. Leaders today must navigate these complexities with empathy and insight." She pointedly focused on the life-long well-being journey that organisations must provide- including through their attraction and recruitment process, stating ˝well-being is not only within the company.

Keynote speeches were followed by a panel of HR experts Alenka Potočnik, Head of HR development, GEN-I, Slovenia, Danijela Govorčinovič, HR Director in Heineken Croatia and Dr. Maja Fesel Kamenik, CEO, HRM One Ltd, Slovenia who presented best practices in employee well-being from organisational perspectives.

Alenka Potočnik from GEN-I elaborated on managerial roles, "Encouraging managers to transition from a boss-centric approach to a coach-like relationship is vital for nurturing an environment where employees feel valued and understood."

Dr. Maja Fesel Kamenik emphasized psychological well-being, stating, "The foundation of employee satisfaction lies in the authenticity of relationships within the organization. It's about creating an environment where being oneself is celebrated."

Danijela Govorčinovič discussed personal well-being, asserting, "The responsibility of well-being starts with the individual. Organizations must provide the right tools and support for self-management and personal growth."

 “Well-being in Practice” workshops led by Dr. Jana Wahl - Empower Yourself for Optimal Health and Vitality, Ms. Mateja Lenarčič - Mindfulness and Stress Reduction and Dr. Aleksandra Kregar - Implementing employee well-being into your Employer Brand strategy added another important dimension to a conference topic and gave lots of overview of it in practice.

The IEDC HR Forum successfully positioned "Well-being at Work" at the forefront of organizational development. The speakers provided insights and practical strategies, aiming to transform workplaces into environments where well-being is a priority, thus enhancing productivity and employee satisfaction.

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