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The seventh generation of Executive PhD studies
Bled (Slovenia) 23 January 2017: The 7th Executive PhD generation start with their studies at the IEDC-Bled School of Management. The new PhD cohort is comprised of experienced executives coming from Croatia, Germany, Romania, Russia, and Slovenia.

Their studies started on with lectures on ‘Quantitative Research Methods and Techniques in Social Science’ with Prof. Nina Bandelj. Nina Bandelj is Professor of Sociology, Co-Director of the Center for Organizational Research, and Equity Advisor to Dean of Social Sciences, at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). 

Innovative International Doctoral Management Program, Executive PhD, successfully launched in 2011, is built on IEDC's history of excellence in executive education. It is focused on the issues of strategy, leadership, and general management in the challenging environment of the 21st century.

IEDC's Executive PhD is a third-degree Bologna study, accredited by the Council for Higher Education of the Republic of Slovenia and is run through the Faculty for Postgraduate Studies at IEDC. The most regarded researchers and educators in the respective fields from all over the world are among the PhD program faculty.

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