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EMBA Graduation Ceremony
49 executives from 13 countries are graduating.

Bled (Slovenia): December 9 2016: 49 executives from 13 countries are graduating: Albania, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Ukraine.  

They are the 36th and 37th Executive MBA generation, also joined with  Presidents’ MBA and PhD graduates. They will join our Alumni network which has  altogether almost 5000 Alumni, among them 1312 MBA Alumni.  After the graduates return to their homes, they will have the chance to stay connected with IEDC and with their colleagues in 15 Alumni clubs all around the world. 

Prof. Purg, IEDC President, stressed: “During the 30 years of existence IEDC-Bled School of Management became one of the most international and innovative management development institutions in Europe. We became well known as the institution that develops leaders in a responsible way. We are focused on leadership development as an integrative practice within organizations, and as we started 30 years ago, we continue to be agent of change in the society. For these reasons, also the IEDC MBA is a special one! We do not offer only the knowledge of finance, accounting, marketing, strategy, operations management and other management related topics, but we offer the integrative view, giving attention to develop the participants’ senses, their holistic view on management and leadership. We challenge their creativity, their leadership style, we help them to become better observers, better listeners, more responsive to their environments. I often hear from our graduates that the studies had a big impact on their personal and professional development and created a real transformation.”

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