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First alumni upgrade course takes place on February 12 at IEDC
The first alumni upgrade course took place on February 12th at IEDC. Around 50 IEDC graduates from different countries and different generations of MBA, GMP and summer school programs came to a special day-long seminar prepared by Prof. Jim Ellert. The lecture focused on Corporate Marketing and Financial Market Developments.

The long anticipated alumni upgrade courses finally been launched in 2016. Responding to many wishes and requests for special lectures for alumni to refresh their knowledge and skills and also to use the opportunity to re-live that great feeling of working in a classroom - debating the case and questioning each other’s ideas, the first alumni upgrade courses were announced.

Prof.Jim Ellert, for many years teaching Finance at IEDC and the mastermind behind IEDC’s Executive MBA program back in 1991, developed a whole day seminar for alumni “Corporate Finance and Financial Market Developments”. Not surprisingly, the room was full. People came from different countries, including some graduates from the very first generations of MBA program.

After a long day, filled with lots of serious data, group work, case discussion, questions, laughter, reunion of old friends, we’ve asked participants what they especially liked about Prof. Ellert’s course: “Insight into financial markets and recent development, information was extremely up to date»; clarity, "straight to the point" explanation, embedded personal experience”; “condensed and focused agenda and great delivery, interactiveness”; “Jim’s sincere down-to-earth approach combined with great knowledge and deep mastering of the subject matter”.

It comes without saying that being back to school felt for many participants simply great.

There are at least three more courses that will take place in upcoming months: by Prof.Nenad Filipović, Prof. Joe Pons and Prof.Randy Kudar. The school is also looking into opportunities of organizing more of these courses in the future and making those a tradition offer to all our alumni of longer programs.

A few photos from the day in this photogallery.

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