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HR Brunch on "How to Jumpstart and Boost Your Resilience"
IEDC organized an HR Brunch led by Steffi Christodulova who is an independent Organizational Development (OD) Consultant, Trainer, Business and Mindset Coach.

Bled (Slovenia) June 15 2017: 30 Slovene HR Managers attended the lecture on "How to Jumpstart and Boost Your Resilience". Mrs. Christodulova shared some great knowledge on how to increase your resilience level, what resilience has to do with your mindset, what is the key success principle for becoming more resilient and introduced the Adaptiv Resilience Factor Inventory® tool and how to apply it.

HR Brunch is an event with an idea to give the HR managers a possibility to gain cutting edge practical knowledge, discuss the relevant issues and network with colleagues and peers.

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