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IEDC welcomes a new GMP Class
General Management Program 2019 attendees are 34 participants from 7 countries

Bled (Slovenia) 12 May 2019: The goal of the four-week long GMP in two modules is to enable its participants to broaden their knowledge and understanding of managing in today’s global environment, and to provide them with the managerial skills to lead their organizations into the future. The two modules, one taking place in May and the other one in November, are composed of the following themes: Leading People, Developing Competitive Advantage, Measuring Organizational Performance, Customers and Markets, Business at the Intersection BAX, Strategic Purchasing, Operations Management, Arts and Leadership, Developing Communication Skills, Leading Change.

Individual project work provides participants with an opportunity to use their newly-acquired skills in the development of the solution for their company/organization.

The GMP generation of 2019 is composed of altogether 34 participants from 7 countries. The participants come from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia.  Their average age is 40 years. The companies which have sent several managers to attend the GMP 2019 generation are:  Adria Mobil, Cosylab, LTH Castings, Lek and NLB.  

IEDC is also continuing the cooperation with Slovenian Purchasing Association and is offering the special one-week module on Purchasing Management which is run by EIPM lecturers (European Institute for Purchasing Managers) within the frame of the GMP. This special week will take place in November 2019.

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