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The Annual HR Forum with Kentaro Ilijima, Fujitsu, Japan
In 2015, 80 HR managers from 13 countries came to learn from international experts about peer to peer learning and latest researches about the millenials.
Bled (9-10. October 2015): The international HR Forum, organized since 1990 by IEDC, exposed the role of the peer-to-peer learning. Corporate Executive Adviser at Fujitsu Mr. Kentaro Iijima from Japan presents how peer learning can transform human resource development. 

The Annual HR Forum is designed for executives and professionals from the fields of HR Management and Management Development. In 2015, 80 HR managers from 13 countries came to learn from international experts in peer to peer learning. Phil LeNir, CEO, Coaching Ourselves, Canada, presented CoachingOurselves method, specially designed peer-coaching program that results in a cost effective and high impact alternative to traditional leadership development. Kentaro Iijima, Corporate Executive Adviser at Fujitsu, Japan, lecture was titled 'How Peer learning can transform Human Resource Development, improve customer service'. First day of HR forum was concluded by Ian Sutherland, Vice-Dean, IEDC-Bled School of Management, with special demonstration: Coaching through music with Carmen Manet choir. On the second day of HR forum the additional track was organized, titled 'Millennials - How to engage them?'. Marko Majer, Founding partner & CEO at Mayer McCann and PhD Candidate at IEDC, presented his research about Managing the new crowd: Getting millennials at their best. Yiannis Koutrakis, HR leader for SE Europe, IBM, also presented IBM research about Millenials, and Maja Bunčič from Delta presented their good practices. 

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