GMP with specialization in Purchasing Management

Maximize your impact at work and get ready for challenges of Purchasing Management

IEDC, Bled
06.11.2017 09:00 AM
7.900 € + VAT
7.500 € + VAT

The GMP Program with Specialization in Purchasing Management focuses on the organizational aspects of purchasing for the success of which also management and leadership capabilities are crucial. Therefore the program combines purchasing management courses with business and leadership courses. 


should attend?

  • The GMP Program with Specialization in Purchasing Management is targeted at purchasing managers and executives who wish to strengthen their strategic and leadership skills. The program combines purchasing management courses with business and leadership courses. 


are the program objectives?

  • The GMP Program with Specialization in Purchasing Management focuses mainly on management and leadership capabilities as well as on the organizational aspects of purchasing. Among the purchasing courses are purchasing strategy and organizational issues, purchasing management skills and performance indicators and supply chain optimization management. Among business and leadership courses are reinventing the business, developing communication skills, developing competitive advantage, leading people, measuring organizational performance and customers and markets.

Program topics

Purchasing Courses

  • Purchasing Strategies (1 day)
  • Purchasing Organizations (1 day)
  • Purchasing Process; (1 day)
  • Key Trends Impacting Purchasing (1 day)
  • Innovation in Purchasing (1 day)
  • Supply Chain Management and Sustainability (1 day)

Business and Leadership Courses

  • Measuring Organizational Performance (3 days)
  • Customers and Markets (3 days) - optional
  • Developing Competitive Advantage (3 days)
  • Operations and Project Management (3 days)

Leadership Courses

  • Leading People (3 days)
  • Leading Change (2 days)
  • Developing Communication Skills (2 days)

Project work

  • Each participant will under mentorship of program faculty prepare a project dealing with an important business issue from his/her company.
  • The development of a project is an essential part of the learning process and has to demonstrate a participant’s capacity to implement the tools and methodology covered during the Program.


Program fee

Program Fee: € 7.900 + VAT (GMP Certificate with the EIPM Specialisation in Purchasing Management)

Early-Bird Program Fee: € 7.500 + VAT till September 6, 2017

Option: 3.000 EUR (Certificate of completion of individual Purchasing Management topics)

The program fee covers the cost of lectures, project mentoring, teaching materials, unlimited access to the IEDC Resource Center and lunches. Travel or living expenses are not covered. The fee does not include 22% VAT for Slovenian residents and companies.

Tentative reservation
To make a non-binding reservation, send us a tentative reservation per email. This carries no obligation and is not a substitute for the formal application form.


Module I: November 6 - 17, 2017 

Module II: May 20 -  June 2, 2018


Admission Criteria

  • A working level of business English (verified during the phone interview)
  • At least three years of management experience
  • Completed application form


Tadeja Omovsek
Tadeja Omovšek
Head of Program Management Office
Bernard Gracia about GMP with specialization in Purchasing Management
IEDC GMP program is an exceptional experience. Topics, cases and all explanations from professors & lecturers are just the best. Their up to date knowledge and experiences are among most important things they can give you. Nevertheless the student networking must not be forgotten. A lot of practical experiences and tools used were shared between us. I highly recommend GMP program to anyone who wants to widen his/her knowledge and mind. Step out from daily routine and see your business from other perspective!
Uroš Zupančič, Adria Mobil d.o.o., Slovenia

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